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Here comes sled season!

McMurray Sno-Drifters

Mother Nature has given us an early taste of snow this year. We are hoping she'll keep adding to it so we can have a fun filled riding season. The ground is starting to freeze up and the ice is starting to form. Soon our volunteers will be hitting the trails, chain saws in hand, to clear the summer debris from our trail systems. Their tireless work is always appreciated by the rest of the riders out there.

We have chosen our event dates and they are up on our website. Check them out and see what interests you. We are always looking for a few cheerful volunteers to help out at these family friendly events.

The Sno-Drifters were named Outstanding Club of the Year at the National Awards in Winnipeg for the 2016 season. It was nice to be appreciated by the rest of the country for all our hard work.

We recently hosted Zacs Tracs for their Avalanche Safety Course and we saw a good turnout. Stay safe out there this year in the mountains. We want all of you coming home to your families and friends.

Our volunteers Elburn and Freda Bean were awarded Best Volunteers in Alberta for the 2016/17 season. Their efforts are outstanding every year and they put the rest of us to shame with their boundless energy and dedication to the club. 

Trail passes are on sale at the SERA and Club 63 social clubs, Raven, Four seasons, MXC Auto and Anzac Esso. Pick yours up at the early bird price of $70 until Jan 1st.  Then at $80 after that until the end of the season. The social clubs set their own discounted prices all season.

So, start tuning up your machine, break out that riding gear and get ready for the season!

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