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As Northern dwellers winter is our longest season and exploring the incredible Boreal forest that surrounds us on a sled is a true adventure in a winter wonderland. The McMurray Sno~Drifters, with the support of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo maintain some of the best groomed trails in all of Alberta and once you’ve ridden them, that’s it, you’re hooked for life! That first flake of snow that you see in the fall gets your heart thumping as you softly sing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” You know that a pristine paradise is waiting for you and if you are lucky enough you’ll catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife such as a caribou or moose while out on your ride. Call some friends, pack a few hot dogs and a thermos as while riding on these groomed trails, the Sno~Drifters have warm-up locations for your convenience as well as washroom facilities. Take some time to enjoy the scenery, the season, and some friendship.

The McMurray Sno-Drifters is a non profit Association that was formed in the early 1980’s and is comprised of Volunteers. We provide safe and educational winter recreation for individuals and families within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. We also provide education about snomobiling that includes information about existing by-laws, safe sledding practices, maps of the trail systems and trail safety. Through our efforts and that of our sponsors, advertisers and grants from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the public enjoys sledding on well maintained and groomed trails that are signed for safety and are very user friendly. These efforts promote and increase the usage of the trails while also protecting the environment as users stay on the trails and do not ride on undisturbed natural habitats, private property or forested areas.


Trail passes that are purchased here locally are usable and recognized for any trail system in Alberta.

Trail passes are available at all of our local dealerships:  4G Motorsports, NAPA Auto Parts, Bumper 2 Bumper in Thickwood + Gregoire, as well as Club 63.

We are also affiliated with the Alberta Snow Mobile Association (ASA) and promote and attend snow mobile rallies that are held at different locations all throughout Alberta. These events draw hundreds of sledding participants that definitely benefits Alberta’s winter tourism industry and hospitality industries. We gather for the love of the sport, socializing, camaraderie, hospitality and of course sledding on amazing groomed trails all throughout Alberta. The Host Clubs of the ASA Jamborees always rally together to make these events memorable, fun and adventurous. You really need to experience these for yourselves as there are always local members traveling yearly for these Jamborees.

We now have approx. 300 kms of groomed trails for the safe riding enjoyments for all residents of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and our many visitors each year. This new trail is unsurpassed as it is one of the longest groomed trail systems in Alberta.

Looking for something to do in the winter season? Join the McMurray Sno-Drifters today and keep informed of all upcoming events and activities.  The McMurray Sno-Drifters represents safe sledding for friends and family.



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