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Sno-Drifters Newsletter

In this newsletter you will find the Rally update as well as our featured friend and more!


ANNUAL RALLY - March 16th

LOCATION:The rally this year will start and end at the Anzac Recreation Centre.

FOOD: Food after the ride will be supplied by ZeeBar, Anzacs amazing eatery. A hot lunch will be supplied on the trail.

WAIVERS: You can print off waivers to fill out and bring with you if you'd like to help us keep everything moving more quickly. If not we will have copies on site.

ENTRY FEES and PURCHASES: Although we will have square readers on site to process credit cards, there will also be a bank machine at the rec centre available. Rally costs are listed on the event page located at the link below.

ROUTES: With the start/end point changing locations, the routes are different this year. The maps and route descriptions are listed on the event page located in the link below.

TRAIL PASSES: You will need a valid trail pass to join the rally. We will have Day Passes available on site for $25.

VOLUNTEERS: We are short ONE volunteer to join up with a club member to man the Muffaloose pit. If you are interested please contact Terri at (780)792-7603

Please visit our event page for all the details including the route maps.



*Please mark down these dates or follow our event posts on Facebook for updates or changes.


Without them we cannot offer these great events for our community. Please consider joining us.

Annual Rally- March 16th, 2019

Our annual rally is the clubs biggest fundraiser and event of the year. We feature both short and long routes depending on your abilities and time constraints. It's always a fun event and a chance to meet like minded people that enjoy the sport. Lunch is served on the trails and a warm dinner afterwards. We have numerous prizes to draw for as well as the chance at the 50/50 prize!

Canada Day Parade- July 1st, 2019

The Sno-Drifters along with our volunteers help the RMWB every year by supplying both riders and off road machines to help marshal the parade. If you are interested in helping out please reach out by phone, email or through our Facebook page.



The Sno-Drifters are always looking for like minded people to join our club. There's something for everyone depending on your interest and abilities. From cutting firewood and clearing trails to helping with events or leading rides. Forget Uncle Sam, WE need you!

Call Terri: 1(780) 792-7603



The Sno-Drifters are part of the provincial club ASA (Alberta Snowmobile Association). Membership sales in our area help support the clubs' efforts to maintain our expansive and award winning trail system. Pass costs are very low compared to other provinces and grant you access to all ASA trails in Alberta. Not a bad deal!

Membership Costs:

Early Bird - Now until Dec 31st - $80.00

Regular Season - Jan 1st to end of season - $90.00

Day Pass - $25.00 (please call Terri to arrange pickup at 1(780) 792-7603


Our memberships are sold at the following locations.

Raven Truck & Motorsports

MXC Automotive Services

NAPA Auto parts

Bumper 2 Bumper - both locations

Pioneer rentals

Anzac Esso

The Social Clubs are done selling for the season. Please go to another vendor on the list.

Suncor SERA Social Club

Syncrude Club 63 Social Club



Each newsletter we will feature businesses or individuals that help out the club with events, prizes, sponsorship and a million other things along the way. We always appreciate the input and effort that is given to the club by so many over the years.

This spotlight shines on Chouinard Transport.

This company took over the groomer transport for the club this season. They have been on time and friendly as well as professional in every regard. We highly recommend them. Support Local!


Small Equipment

Small equipment and vehicles are a dream to load with our 10 foot wide deck and air lift ramps. Vehicles are easily driven right onto the trailer deck.


Machine attachments come in all shapes and sizes. Our equipment can handle any medium sized loads, just like this packer pictured above.

Oil Sands Equipment

Oil field related equipment can be difficult to move, but with our 10 foot wide trailer, these oil shacks fit nicely on the deck.

Over Size Loads

We are capable and confident in transporting oversized loads which is anything over 10 feet wide.

Step Deck Hauling

Our 53' step deck trailers have an 11' kick (upper deck) and a 42' lower deck. The 10' width makes it easy to load any of your mid sized equipment.

Dry Van Trailer

For those loads that need to stay out of the elements or simply your boxed goods, our van trailer can take care of that.

Phone: 1(780) 972-0337


Ad sponsorship and donations in kind are a big reason why the McMurray Sno-Drifters are able to maintain such an expansive trail system in the Wood Buffalo region. If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor or want to donate items or services for prizes for our events contact us and we'll be happy to share our information and options with you. Logos have direct links to the businesses for your ease of use.

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