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Ramping Up! A letter from our Executive

Welcome back all Sno Drifters! As we are getting back into the fold of prepping and planning, I’d like to share some exciting changes that are happening in our club for the 2020/2021 Sledding season.

First of all, the Sno Drifters would like to thank Terri Windover for the last 5 years of her role as Sno Drifters Admin. Terri was a key person in recovering from the 2016 Fire, helping bring a whole bunch of new faces into the Sno Drifter’s Board of Directors. On behalf of the Sno Drifters, we wish her and Kevin all the best with their move back to Ontario.

The Sno Drifter’s would like to introduce a couple people new to the roles in the Executive Board.

Karen Downey – Exec Admin. Karen and her family have been long time active Sno Drifter members and have volunteered for several Sno Drifters events. Karen has already been on the job since mid August and we are happy to say that she is doing a great job with getting everything lined up for the new season. Lots of great ideas and a great personality to go with it.

Welcome on board Karen, we look forward to seeing you and your family out at events and on the trails.

Wilma Boyd – Vice President 2. Wilma and Kelly Boyd have been long time Sno Drifters and volunteers for the Sno Drifters and many other activities with the RMWB. Wilma offers the Sno Drifter Board of Directors some great leadership skills and ideas for the activities coming up in the near and far future of the Sno Drifters.

Welcome on board Wilma (and Kelly), we often never see you two apart. See you both out on the trails and supporting the Sno Drifters this season.

There has been lots to talk about this year and already the Sno Drifters are making plans! At this time, dates have only been confirmed for a few ASA events and we are in communication with the RMWB on the release of a few others. Dates and events are as follows;

· February 19 – 21st ASA Provincial Jamboree- Hosted by Tail Creek Snowbirds in Stettler, AB

· March 6 – Sno-Drifters Annual Rally

· NEW Valentine’s Night Ride – TBD

· Santa Claus Parade - TBD

· Safe Ride - TBD

· WinterPlay - TBD

As always, our events are made successful and fun because of the many volunteers. We would like to say Thank you for all of your support from last year and we look forward to seeing many of you again this year, we hope you bring some friends too! To keep current on the volunteer opportunities, please watch our Facebook page or contact Karen.

The Sno Drifter Board of Director’s had to make some tough calls last spring as the COVID-19 evolved from something that was happening in China, to suddenly it was all over the world and in Alberta. We have heard some feedback about the decision to close the trails, especially when there was plenty of snow still on the trails to ride. We understood that the trails could be enjoyed with some social distancing in spite of all that was going on in the rest of the world. The Board decided that the Sno Drifter’s trails would be closed and therefore any expectations for our Trail Coordinators and Trail Groomers to attend to their volunteer duties on the trails would be relieved. This decision was in line with the Alberta Parks and Recreation, Alberta Snowmobile Association, RMWB and the Alberta Government. With the best info we had at the time and the direction our Government was heading, we decided to close the trails. Not an easy decision, but in light of what has elapsed in the past 6 months, we are sure the decision was the right one for the greater good of our members. We will continue to observe the COVID-19 protocols as we plan this year’s events and are committed to communicating them to you for your safety and ours as well. We appreciate your support and hope we can get through all of this safe and sound.

Onto some exciting news:

The Sno Drifter’s have another raffle on deck with 3 fantastic prizes provided by our local sponsors!

1st prize - 2021 Skidoo Back Country 146” and Trailer valued at $18,000 – sponsored by 4 G Motorsports

2nd prize - Traeger Smoker BBQ valued at $1099.99– McMurray TV Center

3rd prize – Monosuit for snowmobiling valued at $750.00- Lac La Biche Sporting Goods

We are very excited about this raffle draw and tickets are on-sale starting September 11th, still only $20. Draw date is December 20, 2020. Do not wait too long, last years raffle tickets sold out early!

We want to thank 4G Motor Sports, McMurray TV Center and Lac La Biche Sporting Goods for their support for this raffle and making it possible to make it even bigger and better! Please support these fine local business’ to purchase the raffle tickets and any other items for your recreational activities.

Stay Tuned for Sno Drifter updates on our Facebook page.

McMurray Sno Drifter’s Executive

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