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Annual Rally Details

RALLY INFO DETAILS: 20 things you need to know.

1. LONG Run cutoff time is 11am please ensure you leave enough time to park, unload and register etc.

2. SHORT Run cutoff time is NOON. please ensure you leave enough time to park, unload and register etc.

3. The event start and finish is located at the Anzac Rec Centre. NOT the Drifter Garage.

4. There is some parking in the Rec Centre parking lot. It is bare cement so be prepared for that.

5. Overflow parking is in the big lot next to Zeebar across from the Rec Centre driveway entrance.

6. We will have guys out there in safety vests directing you on parking options. Be patient and leave yourself that extra time to park and unload.

7. There will be food by Zeebar in the Rec Centre starting at 1pm. Ending by 6pm. Please time your arrival accordingly if possible.

8. Return cutoff time is 4pm for ALL riders in order to qualify for the draws. Watch the time on your ride.

9. There is a bank machine on site.

10. We will have the ability to take Visa and Master Card but it’s a much slower process so be prepared to wait. There is a 3% fee from the host company.

11. There will be unique sign up stations for the following. Please go to the correct station to avoid confusion.

-Long Route -cash only

-Long Route -credit only

-Short Route -cash only

-Short Route -credit only

12. There will be a 50/50 draw after the rally. After prize draws and the Rally winners draw.

13. You will receive a copy of the route maps. There will be large maps posted on the wall.

14. Please avoid the roads in Anzac as much as possible. If you do need to travel in town at all, please BE SLOW AND RESPECTFUL.

15. DO NOT park or block the rally route trail head. It is located on the right side of the building at the back. It will be clearly marked.

16. Charge your phones. Bring a tow rope.

17. We will have route sweepers for each route to ensure all our riders come home to us. If they push you faster it’s because you are running out of time.

18. Hot food will be supplied at the Bean Pit and the Drifter Lake Pit. Snacks and drinks at some others.

19. ALL cards MUST be fully stamped properly to qualify. NO Exceptions.

20. HAVE FUN! It’s been a cold year and we all deserve this last hurrah.

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